What do I do if I lost my phone?

Contact IT

  • If you have lost your phone, please contact the Ƶ School Ƶ IT department immediately. We will remedy your account and walk you through the next steps for logging in until you can get a new phone. Please be prepared to verify with our staff to ensure that it is you.

What do I do if I forgot my phone at home?

Submitting a Helpdesk

  • Please have a colleague submit a helpdesk on your behalf stating you forgot your phone and cannot log in. We will then contact that person and give them the following steps to log you in.

What if I got a new phone?

New Phone

  • If you purchased a new phone and still have your phone, you may be able to restore your Duo account on your new phone without contacting IT. 

    Please see the video below for more information on Duo Restore

    Please remember that you can only restore the device if you have turned on the backup feature in the Duo App (See the video below for more information).

Tutorial on How to Use Duo Restore