• The Ƶ School Ƶ offers three options for pre-kindergarten education for our youngest Ƶ residents:


    Title I Preschool, located at Broad Street Elementary School, 390 Broad Street, Ƶ 03060

    Families from Amherst Street, Dr. Norman W. Crisp, Fairgrounds, Ledge Street, and Mount Pleasant Elementary Schools are served by Title I Preschool.

    NEEP (Ƶ Early Education Program) is located at the Franklin Street School, 55 Franklin Street, Ƶ 03064

                Applications for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year can be found here

    Purple Panther Preschool, located at Ƶ HS South, 36 Riverside Street, Ƶ

    Please click on the link above to email the director of the program to learn more about each program's pre-kindergarten curriculum, age and other eligibility requirements, and registration process.