• Plant Operations

    Plant Operations Building and Trucks The Ƶ School Ƶ's Plant Operations Department maintains quality facilities to support teaching and learning in our classrooms. We maintain all 17 schools, which includes more than two million square feet of building space on 365 acres of land.

    Plant Operations develops and implements short-term and long-term maintenance projects, directs utility and facility management, provides technical knowledge on operations management services, and prepares emergency and safety action plans.

    The school district joined more than 15 years ago with Cenergistic, formerly Energy Education, an energy conservation consulting firm, to help our schools better control energy costs. In that time, our district has saved millions of dollars in energy costs. In 2009, Cenergistic presented the Ƶ with the Energy Lighthouse Award to recognize our sustained efforts in conserving energy, which speaks to the common understanding among our employees that energy efficiency is important and is a part of the everyday workday.

    We will provide the City of Ƶ with the best academic facilities support of any plant operations department in New England.

    The mission of the Plant Operations Department is to provide clean, safe, and functional facilities for the students, faculty, staff, and members of the public of the City of Ƶ. This will be accomplished by providing excellent custodial support, listening and reacting appropriately to the concerns raised by building occupants, conducting timely maintenance and repair, administering the crossing guard program, providing the necessary coverage for facilities rentals, and supporting the Ƶ’s renovation and construction projects.

    The Ƶ School Ƶ Plant Operations staff conducts indoor air quality inspections and mold testing at each of our 17 schools each year, as required by the New Hampshire Department of Education Bureau of School Approval and Facility Management. We report that all Ƶ School Ƶ Schools meet state standards for indoor air quality.